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Jay, Nov 2011 is made with the sole purpose of providing you cheap air tickets for your travel. Whenever we plan go for a holiday or a voyage, the most relaxing and comfortable journey we can think of is by airplanes. It is not time consuming and can make you reach your destination in just few hours. All you need to do is pay a little more, well not little exactly.

Therefore, before you think of the places you wish to travel, you first need to check with the tickets available and their fares. If the prices are reasonable, you can happily book your ticket and plan your trip. Or else sadly you've to go for other options. What if you get real economic air fares, or in a layman's language cheap air tickets? Won't it add to your holiday fun and comfort? This is what we're going to talk about here.

It's very important for you to be aware of the days when you get cheap air fares. Generally on Fridays and Sundays people go for weekend trips so these days you get high air fares. However, there are few weekdays when you can get the air fares with impressive discounts and offers. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday you can normally get such offers and discounts of which you can make good use of. Thus to get discounted air tickets you must not plan your journey on busy days.

For domestic flights the best option is Wednesday, which can save a lot of money. For Tuesdays you get good online bargains and you can end up booking real cheap air tickets. You should prefer Tuesdays and Wednesdays to commence your journey because, there are businessmen who normally go for their business trips on Mondays and returns on Saturdays, so Tuesdays and Wednesdays remain ignored by the business class people mainly.

You also need to know the time when the cheapest flight tickets are available. The secret is, the early the better. The early you book your ticket, the cheaper you will get it. Between 4 am to 6 am you will get the best deals. This period happens to be the right time. Many people, who deal with these things, also advise to book the tickets at 1 am or during midnight. In case you miss, you can give another try in the evenings as well, when you can get affordable fares.

Apart from these if you are a frequent traveler or flyer, you have to keep an eye on the news and know the latest details about the airfare wars. You should check for the promotional fares (with limited time) that various airlines come up with. This would certainly help you to get cheap air tickets. You should also be ready to catch any flight any time. Flights with one stop (minimum), flights in the early mornings and late nights should not make you think twice about booking your ticket. Frequent flyer programs of all airlines are amazing not only to get great discount but you can also avail many other benefits from it as well.

Know more about travel packages and inquire from your airlines if they are offering any such package. Check the website and compare rates when booking tickets through internet. If you interact with an airline reservations clerk, make sure you ask about the cheapest fare available.

Checking rates of different airlines is a great option for those who want to grab best air travel deals along with cheap air tickets. You can use famous online travel agencies for that where you can get a list of all airlines providing flights for your desired itinerary with complete fare details and timings. You can then select cheapest fare and can book your air tickets online itself. This is very helpful as you don't have to check out rates of different airlines.

In case you are buying a ticket during off-season, which is an advantage, collect details regarding standby fares. Go through your newspaper; see 'Ticket Consolidators' where you will find the travel and tourism segment. It's good to get cheap air tickets via consolidators as they purchase lots of tickets and sell them in discounts. However, they sometimes deliver your ticket late, so avoid refunds, exchanges or reservations when you deal with them. In such a case a travel agent can be a good alternative.

You get good discounts if you purchase your tickets in advance and so do your tour planning in advance as well. You need to reserve your ticket 21 days prior to your flight, however airline tickets booking can be done around 3-4 months in advance. The more early you reserve your tickets, especially for festivals, the more beneficial it would be for you and you would be able to get cheapest air tickets for your travel. Moreover, the airline might provide you with round-trip or connecting fare discounts if you are with one airline throughout your journey.

Taking a return ticket is always beneficial as you can get discount on your complete journey. Ticket prices will be higher if you book return tickets separately, so to save money on your travel try to book return tickets.

There are few things you need to keep in mind while booking your tickets. You can always contact a travel agent, even after deciding on your ticket, as he might provide you with more economic rates of tickets. In this world of high competition you can always get better deals if you look for it. Also you will be eligible to join a travel club and get discounts on your tickets if you do tour twice a year (minimum).

You can also go for open-jaw flights (arrival in one city, departure from another), in case you intend to go for a single tour but to various countries. Almost every airline provide discount to students, senior citizens and military personnel. So if you are one of these you can buy cheap air tickets very easily.

If there is urgency you can also get last minute tickets. There are ticket cancellations, or unsold tickets which can be real good deals. Buying such cheap air tickets few minutes before the plane departs can give you an opportunity to bargain as well.
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